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University Honors Program requirements – beginning fall 2014

With a focus on integrative learning, honors students develop skills in communication, collaboration, critical inquiry, problem solving, and intercultural understanding.

The option to pursue Advanced University Honors allows students to cultivate interdisciplinary learning through active engagement in the aforementioned skills.

Honors Experience Requirements

Honors students are able to pursue both pre-approved Honors courses chosen by the student as well as petition out-of-class learning experiences. These are all considered "Honors Experiences".

All honors students complete these requirements during their first and second years.
  1. First-Year Cluster Course #1
  2. First-Year Cluster Course #2
  3. Choose one from Honors Experience List
  4. Choose one from Honors Experience List

*First-Year Cluster - Take two courses with a cohort of 24 honors students during your first semester

Students may elect to pursue Advanced University Honors during their third and fourth years.
  1. Advanced Honors Experience #1
  2. Advanced Honors Experience #2
  3. Advanced Honors Experience #3
  4. Advanced Honors Experience #4

*Advanced Interdisciplinary Workshop - Take two interdisciplinary seminars with a cohort of 20-30 honors students during your third year.

Fall 2015 Honors Course Experiences

For a list of the Fall 2015 Honors courses which automatically count as Honors Experiences, please click HERE.

Winter 2016 Honors Course Experiences

For a list of the Winter 2016 Honors courses which automatically count as Honors Experiences, please click HERE.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to develop leaders and scholars who are well-prepared to tackle the intellectual, cultural and social challenges of the 21st century. Increasingly, students are being asked to possess high-level skills and abilities upon graduation that are not obtained in a traditional classroom setting. Our unique approach responds to the increased demands placed upon our graduates.

By the time our students graduate, we want them to be able to take ownership of their lives and responsibility for their continued growth and learning. This goes beyond checking off a list of requirements. We believe that the key to developing successful future leaders is challenging students to become actively involved in their education, make purposeful decisions, and chart their own educational journey.

National research indicated the leaders in the business, scholarly, and professional worlds have identified expertise in the following areas as crucial for success:

  • Knowledge of Science & Technology, Global Issues, Culture & Society, Math & Stats
  • Intercultural knowledge
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration

Our focus is on ensuring that our students develop fully in all of these areas. Working with an honors adviser, honors students construct individual academic plans that steadily guide them toward mastery of these critical areas, leading them to reach advanced knowledge, skills and values in their chosen field.

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