Love and the City

Erika Strong

Erika Strong

Erika Strong has certainly seen her share of grumpy neighbors, but this situation was of a particularly delicate nature. GO>>

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About ULIP

The Urban Leadership Internship Program is an integrated educational internship program combining professional practice, service-learning, and urban exploration. The program provides students with the following:

  • A stipend of approximately $4000.00
  • A full-time, ten week summer internship in either Cleveland, Chicago, or Dayton.
  • The ability to explore career options
  • The development of new skills
  • The opportunity to provide service to a non-profit organization and to learn about urban issues.
  • Focused reflection activities to ensure you get the most from your internship

The Miami University Honors Program provides selected students with this opportunity every summer.


The program is open to all sophomore and junior Miami students with at least a 3.3 GPA, whether or not they are in the Honors Program. In order to participate, students must agree to complete all aspects of the program, including a Spring term sprint course preparing students for the internship, two intern gatherings in the summer, weekly journal entries during the internship and a final reflection paper.

How It Works

Each student admitted into the ULIP works with the Coordinator of the program during the Spring semester to design an internship uniquely suited to their goals and interests . Because the program is small, individual attention is assured. Students enhance their internship experience by:

  • Writing weekly journal entries
  • Participating in urban events
  • Gathering together for reflective discussions
  • Providing service to an organization engaged in urban issues
This integration of a professional internship with service in an urban setting distinguishes the program from other internships. Students learn to reflect on their activities and surroundings in an educationally meaningful way.

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